Artist of the month: Fabrice Lig.

Fabrice Lig is considered by his peers & techno fans around the globe as a world class producer. He is well known for his particularly funky use of Roland’s sh101 analog synth, and for his particularly emotional and personal melodies and harmonies.There is no doubt that after more than 10 years of teaching himself production processes, complex midi programming and harmonies, Fabrice’s sound is unique and recognisable among the thousands of weekly techno releases.
Demonstrations of these skills appear on the crème de la crème of techno labels such as KMS (Kevin Saunderson) & 7th City Records (Dan Bell) from Detroit, F-Communications (Laurent Garnier) from Paris, Raygun Records from Hamburg, Playhouse Records from Offenbach and most recently on the finest Berlin-based label, Kanzleramt (Heiko Laux).

And more releases on differents labels like :
Starbaby Records ( California, U.S.A )
Residual Recordings ( Colombus, U.S.A. )
Playhouse rec (Germany)
Native Records ( London, U.K. )
Serotonin Records ( N.Y., U.S.A. )
Deep4life Records ( Chicago, U.S.A. )
Elypsia Records ( Belgium )
Groundzero / Keynote records (Netherlands)
Serie Records ( Belgium )

U can find a Fabrice Lig interview at 313 TM (thanx Mr.Pike!!!)

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Vermona Cross Filter for Deejays

Everybody need a filter : This one comes in a useful desktop housing and a sexy chrome fader in between both cutoff knobs. With that you can fade between filtered and unfiltered signal to generate handmade rhythmical effects or simply got a mix between direct - and effect signal.
Also new is the possibility to move adjusted band-stop or band-pass ranges through the whole frequency spectrum.

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The role of DJ's as "RSS aggregators"
I found this story in the very clever Motown Elevator blog.
For Benchosei Deejays are the aggregators of the "music feeds" we are interested in.
Think about it...

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The 10th Planet is the techno's one

Saw on the 313 TM BLOG :
"Saw on the 313 list and confirmed by majors news websites from around the world.
The 10 th Planet (2003UB313) is officially included in our solar system.
Since month/years NASA observatory searching about... Few musicians too...
Here is a recording of Derrick May with a friend '?' discussing about the 10 th Planet... Interesting and so artistic point of view. Extract from Universal Techno, famous report about electronic music realised by Arte TV. Dimitri Pike"
I think Mayday's friend should be Abdul Qadim Haqq, a painter who is responsible for most of the drawings and sleeve designs for labels such as Underground Resistance & Red Planet.

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Korg Poly 800 mod
Saw here : "I have a mod for the Poly 800, by removing the filter cutoff trimpot (VR2) (from the big green board not the little brown board!!!!!!!) and putting a 100K audio taper pot in it's place you have a nice front panel Filter cutoff knob!!!! Drill a hole in a nice place in the front panel to put the pot. I used a big red knob on mine..... You can do the same mod with the resonance (VR5) pot also. "
Very simple Mod on a cheap synth (you can found it on E-bay for 60€), same mod should work for the EX-800 rack version and for the Siel DK-80 or Suzuki SX-500 copies.

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Brian Eno is the father of ambient music

Some month ago i have posted a story about The KLF and i wrote that they were the creator of ambient music.
As someone told me in his comment it's largely false. In fact Brian Eno is considered the father of ambient music as this term was first used by him in the 1970s to refer to "music that would envelop the listener without drawing attention to itself" (Ambient 1: Music for Airports).
Also some of the works of Erik Satie can be regarded as predecessors of modern ambient music(He referred to his music as something that could be played during dinner and would simply create an atmosphere for that activity rather than be the focus of attention).
So I would rather say that The KLF was the creator of Ambient-house or Modern Electronic Ambient music, They've also introduced for the first time the term "Chill-out" in their eponym album.
I hope Brian Eno will excuse me for that outrageous mistake.

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More cheapo portable speakers

I don't want to start a post category about portable speakers but this one from music studio with is big multifunctional knob is really cool.

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Apple loses battle to patent the iPod software interface
After three years of working to obtain a patent on the iPod software interface, Apple's application was rejected by the US Patent and Trademark Office.
John Platt submitted a similar software design patent application in May of 2002, five months prior to Apple's.
[Via engadget ]

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PVDJ DAI : The Numark Ipod mixer killer ?

You get two players, with a touch-sensitive screen between them that shows the current track playlist with track progress bar and BPM counter. Tracks can be sorted by artist, title or BPM (ascending and descending order). The on-screen keyboard allows quick song retrieval by automatically narrowing the search field as you type.
Built-in Grab technology allows one-button-push looping, with adjustments for moving the loop backward and forward one beat at a time. The user can also lengthen or shorten loops on the fly, allowing for true real-time remixing. This grabbing function always exits the loop at the end of the measure unless the user tells it otherwise.
The DAI controller works in tandem with its companion PVDJ software package, which is built around a 56-bit audio engine. The software requires no additional drivers-it runs using existing Windows or Mac OSX drivers. The DAI is a true 'plug & play' interface; if either the USB or power cord is unplugged, the DAI will pick up exactly where it left off once the cord.
Supports .MP3, .CDA and .WAV audio formats.

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Colored Vermona Perfourmer

As of now, the PerFourMer will be shipped with colored poti knobs and a pair of wooden side panels.
Sexy !!!

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Random Noise Generation
The New Album: REIGN

Octave One aka Random Noise Generation will be touring again in support of their much anticipated album, Random Noise Generation "Reign". The guys will start things off in London @ Fabric on Sept.10 and are putting dates together now to start touring in October.

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Digidesign ICON D-Control Surround Panner

Digidesign announces that the new Surround Panner option for ICON D-Control worksurface is now available. The Surround Panner brings powerful and convenient panning functionality to the centre section of the D-Control console. it includes an integrated 640x480 high-resolution colour LCD touchscreen, two touch-sensitive joysticks with associated Punch buttons, two touch-sensitive rotary encoders with 15-segment LED rings, six Mode buttons for each panner and more.
I really don't need it but I REALLY want it !!!?

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Module Records Blog reviewed on Music thing

It's not a secret that I really like the great Music thing Blog. So I'm very proud of being reviewed on it.
Big thanks Tom !

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Electronic Music Interactive

Electronic Music Interactive is a multimedia primer for electronic music.
Besides providing a survey of the subject, Electronic Music Interactive creates understanding through the user-controlled manipulation of audio/visual representations of key concepts like the relationship of waveform to sound.
It includes 80 original diagrams, 50 original interactive animations with sound and 150 interactive glossary terms explaining content distributed across 38 topic modules. Its table of contents is a navigation information system, providing access to related topics locally and at any of the topic modules.

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