PVDJ DAI : The Numark Ipod mixer killer ?

You get two players, with a touch-sensitive screen between them that shows the current track playlist with track progress bar and BPM counter. Tracks can be sorted by artist, title or BPM (ascending and descending order). The on-screen keyboard allows quick song retrieval by automatically narrowing the search field as you type.
Built-in Grab technology allows one-button-push looping, with adjustments for moving the loop backward and forward one beat at a time. The user can also lengthen or shorten loops on the fly, allowing for true real-time remixing. This grabbing function always exits the loop at the end of the measure unless the user tells it otherwise.
The DAI controller works in tandem with its companion PVDJ software package, which is built around a 56-bit audio engine. The software requires no additional drivers-it runs using existing Windows or Mac OSX drivers. The DAI is a true 'plug & play' interface; if either the USB or power cord is unplugged, the DAI will pick up exactly where it left off once the cord.
Supports .MP3, .CDA and .WAV audio formats.

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