New Midi videoclip-sampleplayer by MFB

This one is not a musical instrument but a video sample player.
Its manufacturer is the well-known low budget MFB brand who already released some great synthis and drumcomputers.
Up to 28 short videoclips are available and can be played back with midi controls.
you get also some effects, and a crossfader, but no scratch pad :)
More infos in german here : MFB_VJ_player.pdf

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Freq. Factory : Awesome electronic turtablist tool

It's a (kind of) turntable, it's electronic and it makes some weird sounds.
So I think this blog is a good place to speak about the Freq. Factory :

"...a portable battery powered instrument. By combining an adjustable synth tone, and digitally sampled scratch sounds, with a cross-fader and a vinyl scratch control, users are able to practice scratching and create new scratch music anywhere"

The thing seems to have a single square wave and a "ahh" sample.
U can change the pitch by "scratching" a 5" vinyl plate and cut the output with real crossfader.
For $350, It seems a little expensive but very funny indeed.

Be sure to check this video and the museum.

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Vinyl turntables gallery

Just for fun...Try to guess brand and model.

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Ososphere festival
Friday September 30th, 2005
& Saturday October 1st, 2005.
Strasbourg (France)

A good french festival about electronic arts.
Program & tickets:
Info: +333 8 237 237

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Does Propellerhead Software refer to Kubrick's movie ?
Last night I ask myself this question :

Does Propellerhead Software refer to the famous Kubrick's movie "The shining" with their ReDrum rack for Reason ?

ReDrum For Reason is a step drum sequencer, so its name must be the contraction of RE-son DRUM...

But Redrum ("murder" backward) is also this famous word written with blood on a door in the scariest fim ever made : "The shining" by Stanley Kubrick...

If anyone knows...

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M-Audio Project Mix I/O : DAW Interface with motorized faders

M-Audio intros a new professional interface with 8 analog inputs and 4 analog outputs, ADAT compatibility, MIDI I/O, 8+1 "touch sensitifs"motorized faders, transport controls with joggle, and LED display for each channel.
Mackie Control ™, Logic Control ™ and HUI ™ protocol support.
And LBNL : ASIO2, WDM, Core Audio, GSIF 2, ProTools M-Powered compatibility !!!

Available in October 2005 for $1000.

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Gemini PS-02USB : Full duplex USB Mixer

Gemini releases the new PS-02USB 3-channel stereo mixer.
With two USB ports and full-duplex capability digital DJs have the ability to mix in music directly from their PC while recording the overall mix directly to their PC without any third party software or hardware.

-Removable face plate for user replaceable Rail Glide
cross fader
-3 band EQ kill switches with flash effect
-3 band rotary line EQ with cut feature & rotary gain
channel control
-Lighted push button cue section
-Rotary zone & balance controls
-Dual VU display with bright LED & mode switch
-Master volume fader control
-1/4" headphone output & Mic input
-Cue section with rotary cue volume & CUE/PGM controls
with Split/Cue/Mix switch
-Mic section with rotary Mic volume, high & low EQ controls
-Fader section with hamster/reverse, slope, & assign switches
-8 line inputs, including 6 RCA inputs, 3 convertible
phono/line and 2 from PC via USB
-Dual USB connectors
-USB connectivity allows mixes to be recorded directly
to a compatible PC or Mac without any additional hardware
-Mix audio files of any format directly from computer
(via USB) with records and CDs
-Both USB playback and recording function can be used
-Master, record, & zone RCA outputs
-1/4" balanced outputs
-Triple ground screw for easy connectivity

Unit Dimensions: 10" x 3.3" x 10.25" (254 x 84 x 260mm)

A very clever device...

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