Looperlative LP1 : New hardware looping tool

Looperlative Audio Products releases a new lopping device : the Looperlative LP1

Some words from the manufacturer : "Equipped with a fast DSP and 128MB of memory, the Looperlative LP1 offers up to 20 minutes of mono audio recording or up to 10 minutes of stereo audio recording. With 8 individually controllable stereo tracks per loop, you have the flexibility to add and remove layers as you wish. Additional auxiliary stereo outputs allow you send only the tracks you choose to your effects units.

To go beyond traditional boundaries, the Looperlative LP1 is network enabled. Imagine saving and restoring your favorite compositions to your computer or network hard drive. As features are added to the LP1 software, easy upgrades can be installed through the network port. This is an effects box for now and for the future. The network port offers many possibilities including streaming digital audio and multi-unit synchronization.

Looperlative is committed to offering what looping musicians need. The LP1 hardware has been designed to be flexible and to be able to provide the features that musicians need both now and in the future. "

An alternative to the discontinued but great Electrix Repeater.
(I know that Electrix has announced a Mk2 version, but it seems to be delayed...)

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Laptop become a true musical instrument

Nowadays when you come to a techno live-act, you often see one nerd behind a laptop...

So laptop become a true musical instrument....but this guy plays it as a accordion...funny...

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