SoundBITE micro : new automatic loop sampler/MIDI synchroniser

RED Sound is pleased to announce the release of a new portable automatic DJ loop sampler/MIDI synchroniser module, SoundBITE micro.

The SoundBITE micro packs many features into its compact, slim line alloy case.

  • Loop sampler mode; offers the acclaimed looping system made famous by previous models in the Red Sound range such as SoundBITE XL. This unique looping technology allows DJ’s to instantly record and playback any combination of the 4 loop samples on offer and re-mix tracks on-the-fly. Default loop durations include 4, 8, 16 & 32 beats however, users will be able to create their own loop formats on the Red Sound website and download these custom profiles into the unit via the MIDI IN port. Featuring 96kHz sample rate / 24bit resolution, a high standard of audio quality is assured. For studio use, selectable MIDI IN synchronisation of loop playback is also offered.

  • MIDI synchroniser mode; features the ground-breaking Red Sound audio/MIDI synchronisation system, which first came to light in 1997 in the Voyager 1 and Micro Sync models. This BPM technology has been established as the only workable “missing link between audio and MIDI” available on the market. When hooked up to popular MIDI sequencer programs such as ableton live/reason etc the results are truly amazing, allowing DJ’s/musicians to explore totally new dimensions of creativity. Featuring MIDI start, stop, continue and reset commands for the clock output, the MIDI IN facility also allows users to merge incoming MIDI data with the SoundBITE micro’s clock output (SoundBITE micro comes complete with 2 x custom MIDI cables for interfacing the on-board USB mini sockets with standard MIDI ports). Loop mode and MIDI mode can be operated simultaneously.

  • External Filter mode; this mode converts SoundBITE micro into a filter effect module. The built-in analog style filter effects allow users to modify any audio source in real- time. The powerful Low-Pass filter can be used to apply progressive high/mid frequency roll-off for a classic heavy filtered sound. The Band-Pass filter can be used to isolate a particular element in the audio whilst the High-Pass filter can be used to trim the bass frequencies of the audio signal (Note: loop recording/playback is de- activated in this mode)

  • For total user flexibility, SoundBITE micro comes complete with a built in, state-of-the- art Poliflex rechargeable battery giving up to 10 hours continuous use (or loop storage). Alternatively, the power supply/charger unit can be used to power SoundBITE micro in more permanent studio applications etc.

Specs :

  • Sample rate / Conversion resolution: 96kHz / 24 bit
  • Loop Polyphony: 4 loops (4, 8, 16, 32 beats)
  • MIDI OUT: System real time clock transmitted (start, stop, continue, reset commands
  • MIDI IN: MIDI-merge. Selectable MIDI tempo control over loop playback
  • Pull/Push: manual synchronisation adjustment for loops/MIDI clock
  • Effects: Low-Pass, High-Pass & Band-Pass analog style filter effects in 'straight-thru' mode.
  • BPM range: 60 - 230BPM (3 ranges)
  • Tri-colour LED: red/green/blue led multi-function indicator
  • Connections: Audio input, Loops output, Headphone output, MIDI In, MIDI Out, AC charger/adapter input
  • Power Supply:(included) 6vDC 800mA Output plug = 1mm centre pin +
  • Battery:(included) Poliflex 3.7V ultra slim-line rechargeable battery
  • Battery Life: up to 8 hours
  • Dimensions: 135(H)x51(W)x14(D)mm
  • Accessories (included): Connecting Cables (input:- 1 x 6.3mm Jack > 3.5mm Jack ) (output:- 1 x twin RCA >3.5mm Jack ) (MIDI 2 x 5 pin DIN > USB mini plug) Mounting kit
  • Price : under £150

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