Music Thing Shop is open !

Music Thing Shop is now open : How does it work? As Tom said "This isn't a real shop" but for sure it's a real great idea !
It's a selection of a few great, sexy, desireable, even collectable pieces of kit.
All the items are supplied by different online retailers in the US, UK and Europe.

First selection :

Cool things for under £100
Epiphone Junior Valve Amps
Korg MicroKorg
Akai MPC-1000
Zvex Effects Pedals
MFB Synth II
Moogerfooger MURF
DSI Desktop Evolver

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Label of the month: Circus Company

The Circus Company releases are so crazy, dirty, groovy with clicky minimal stuff integrating different styles, freejazz, p-funk, hip hop, house and techno. Big respect for one of the freshest label... Please, can you go on like this because we like that so much!!!

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Soundgin : Serially controlled Sound Synthesizer

Soundgin is a single chip 6-voice electronic music synthesizer sound effects / voice synthesizer chip. It produces complex sound effects, synthesizer style music and English speech with an unlimited vocabulary. Soundgin provides wide-range, high resolution control of pitch (frequency), tone color (harmonic content) and dynamics (volume).

The SSG01 (Soundgin) consists of six synthesizer "voices" which can be used independently or in conjunction with each other to create complex sounds. Each voice consists of a Tone Oscillator / Wave Generator, an Envelope Generator, an Amplitude Modulator and Ramping / Target controls. The Tone Oscillator controls the pitch of the voice over a wide range. The Oscillator produces one of eight waveforms at the selected frequency, with the unique harmonic content of each waveform providing simple control of tone color. The volume dynamics of the oscillator are controlled by an Amplitude Modulator which can control by the Envelope Generator, the Ramping / Target control or by another oscillator. When triggered , the Envelope Generator creates an amplitude envelope with programmable rates of increasing and decreasing volume. In addition to the six voices, two mixers are provided to combine the waveforms outputs of the oscillators.

  • 16Khz Sample Output Rate
  • 2400 or 9600 Baud Serial Connection
  • 6 Independently Controlled Voices
  • Amp, Freq, Ring Modulation
  • Hard Sync.
  • ADSR Envelopes
  • Musical Notes
  • English Phonemes
  • Sound Morphing
  • In-Chip Presets
  • Object Class for ooPIC

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Kenton needs some help

Kenton have made a couple of prototype controllers intended for use with Ableton Live or similar software. Neither unit has a final name at the moment and are temporarily being called AB Mini and AB DJ. If you have suggestions for better names or for improvements to the designs, please let them know.

"The AB Mini communicates via USB, has 9 endless rotary encoders, 9 push buttons and a joystick. It is USB powered for convenience. The 9 encoder knobs can also be pushed to select MIDI channels to operate on - allowing up to 9 channels of operation. When a channel has been selected, one of the buttons lights up to indicate that channel is active. The encoders also remember where they were when they were last on that channel and display their position on the ring of leds around each knob.
The joystick can send X and Y co-ordinates on the currently selected channel, and could be used for pitchbend and/or modulation control.
With the 9 channels, you effectively have 81 endless controllers and 81buttons at your fingertips in a very compact unit.
The whole unit is finished in brushed aluminium with matching knobs and is the same width as a 12" powerbook."

"The AB DJ, as its temporary name suggests, is aimed at the DJ market. Again this controller is mainly aimed at Ableton Live and Tractor users.
The unit has three channel strips and a master section.
Each channel strip has a Master Volume with six rotary knobs below that. Beneath that again are 6 buttons which illuminate when active, intended for mutes, AB selection and headphone monitor. Beneath that are two pads which can be used for firing off samples. It is intended that on production versions, these pads would be velocity sensitive, allowing them to be used as drum pads.
The master section is similar but benathe the master volume has four rotary knobs and a joystick. Again it has the six buttons, and below that a cross-fader.
The whole unit is finished in brushed aluminium, and has USB and MIDI ports for connection to your computer. Production models would be mains powered, although the prototype shown uses a power adaptor. Production models would probably have aluminium knobs too, rather than the Moog type knobs on this prototype."

My one and only suggestion : Don't remove the Moog type knobs !!!

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SoundBITE micro : new automatic loop sampler/MIDI synchroniser

RED Sound is pleased to announce the release of a new portable automatic DJ loop sampler/MIDI synchroniser module, SoundBITE micro.

The SoundBITE micro packs many features into its compact, slim line alloy case.

  • Loop sampler mode; offers the acclaimed looping system made famous by previous models in the Red Sound range such as SoundBITE XL. This unique looping technology allows DJ’s to instantly record and playback any combination of the 4 loop samples on offer and re-mix tracks on-the-fly. Default loop durations include 4, 8, 16 & 32 beats however, users will be able to create their own loop formats on the Red Sound website and download these custom profiles into the unit via the MIDI IN port. Featuring 96kHz sample rate / 24bit resolution, a high standard of audio quality is assured. For studio use, selectable MIDI IN synchronisation of loop playback is also offered.

  • MIDI synchroniser mode; features the ground-breaking Red Sound audio/MIDI synchronisation system, which first came to light in 1997 in the Voyager 1 and Micro Sync models. This BPM technology has been established as the only workable “missing link between audio and MIDI” available on the market. When hooked up to popular MIDI sequencer programs such as ableton live/reason etc the results are truly amazing, allowing DJ’s/musicians to explore totally new dimensions of creativity. Featuring MIDI start, stop, continue and reset commands for the clock output, the MIDI IN facility also allows users to merge incoming MIDI data with the SoundBITE micro’s clock output (SoundBITE micro comes complete with 2 x custom MIDI cables for interfacing the on-board USB mini sockets with standard MIDI ports). Loop mode and MIDI mode can be operated simultaneously.

  • External Filter mode; this mode converts SoundBITE micro into a filter effect module. The built-in analog style filter effects allow users to modify any audio source in real- time. The powerful Low-Pass filter can be used to apply progressive high/mid frequency roll-off for a classic heavy filtered sound. The Band-Pass filter can be used to isolate a particular element in the audio whilst the High-Pass filter can be used to trim the bass frequencies of the audio signal (Note: loop recording/playback is de- activated in this mode)

  • For total user flexibility, SoundBITE micro comes complete with a built in, state-of-the- art Poliflex rechargeable battery giving up to 10 hours continuous use (or loop storage). Alternatively, the power supply/charger unit can be used to power SoundBITE micro in more permanent studio applications etc.

Specs :

  • Sample rate / Conversion resolution: 96kHz / 24 bit
  • Loop Polyphony: 4 loops (4, 8, 16, 32 beats)
  • MIDI OUT: System real time clock transmitted (start, stop, continue, reset commands
  • MIDI IN: MIDI-merge. Selectable MIDI tempo control over loop playback
  • Pull/Push: manual synchronisation adjustment for loops/MIDI clock
  • Effects: Low-Pass, High-Pass & Band-Pass analog style filter effects in 'straight-thru' mode.
  • BPM range: 60 - 230BPM (3 ranges)
  • Tri-colour LED: red/green/blue led multi-function indicator
  • Connections: Audio input, Loops output, Headphone output, MIDI In, MIDI Out, AC charger/adapter input
  • Power Supply:(included) 6vDC 800mA Output plug = 1mm centre pin +
  • Battery:(included) Poliflex 3.7V ultra slim-line rechargeable battery
  • Battery Life: up to 8 hours
  • Dimensions: 135(H)x51(W)x14(D)mm
  • Accessories (included): Connecting Cables (input:- 1 x 6.3mm Jack > 3.5mm Jack ) (output:- 1 x twin RCA >3.5mm Jack ) (MIDI 2 x 5 pin DIN > USB mini plug) Mounting kit
  • Price : under £150

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Breathe, drink, eat and.....Mix !!!

Via Gizmodo via Mobilewhack : "This Fujitsu laptop prototype has a giant touchwheel on top that lets the notebook function as a digital turntable."

It seems that lazy designers have discovered the circle and want everybody to make music in every situation...

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Module records releases available on Beatport

All Module's releases are now available in digital format on Beatport.

Check it out !!!

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M-audio Connectiv : 4 x 4 USB audio interface for DJs

Conectiv, developed by M-Audio’s SynchroScience division, is the world’s first bus-powered 4 x 4 USB audio interface designed for DJs who perform and produce tracks with a laptop. Together, Conectiv and the included Torq software form the ultimate DJ tool—high-fidelity audio, all the right kinds of I/O (including dual phono preamps), and the ability to mix, beat-match and cue digital files with ease. Use them as a completely digital solution and leave the heavy stacks of vinyl or bulky wallets of CDs at home—or process your vinyl and CDs on the fly. You can even create a hybrid digital/vinyl DJ rig by using Conectiv and Torq with specially encoded control vinyl discs or CDs. Torq supports popular formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA and AAC files and is configured to automatically work with Conectiv—no messy set-ups. And unlike most digital DJ systems, Conectiv works with other third-party software as well.

  • use as a self-contained digital system, multi-effects processor or slave from control CDs/vinyl
  • designed by M-Audio's SynchroScience group
  • 4 x 4 USB 1.1 audio interface with 16-bit/48kHz fidelity
  • 4 RCA inputs configurable for line-level or phono signals
  • 4 RCA outputs with high +10dBV peak output level
  • 2 mix knobs for blending audio inputs and USB output
  • Torq DJ software included

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