Soundgin : Serially controlled Sound Synthesizer

Soundgin is a single chip 6-voice electronic music synthesizer sound effects / voice synthesizer chip. It produces complex sound effects, synthesizer style music and English speech with an unlimited vocabulary. Soundgin provides wide-range, high resolution control of pitch (frequency), tone color (harmonic content) and dynamics (volume).

The SSG01 (Soundgin) consists of six synthesizer "voices" which can be used independently or in conjunction with each other to create complex sounds. Each voice consists of a Tone Oscillator / Wave Generator, an Envelope Generator, an Amplitude Modulator and Ramping / Target controls. The Tone Oscillator controls the pitch of the voice over a wide range. The Oscillator produces one of eight waveforms at the selected frequency, with the unique harmonic content of each waveform providing simple control of tone color. The volume dynamics of the oscillator are controlled by an Amplitude Modulator which can control by the Envelope Generator, the Ramping / Target control or by another oscillator. When triggered , the Envelope Generator creates an amplitude envelope with programmable rates of increasing and decreasing volume. In addition to the six voices, two mixers are provided to combine the waveforms outputs of the oscillators.

  • 16Khz Sample Output Rate
  • 2400 or 9600 Baud Serial Connection
  • 6 Independently Controlled Voices
  • Amp, Freq, Ring Modulation
  • Hard Sync.
  • ADSR Envelopes
  • Musical Notes
  • English Phonemes
  • Sound Morphing
  • In-Chip Presets
  • Object Class for ooPIC

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Blogger Sandro said...

Hi there

I've heard Strobelbeats on Could it be the new Stereo Lab???


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I've heard Strobelbeats on Could it be the new Stereo Lab???

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