Label of the month:Transmat

Founded in 1986 by Derrick May, Transmat is one of the most important labels created in Detroit before 1990, beside Metroplex and KMS.
Has sublabel: Fragile Records.
Distributed via Submerge.
Big Respect.......

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Artist of the month: Jeff Mills

Born in Detroit 1963, Jeff Mills is considered as one of the most brilliant DJs/producers in Techno music, and one of the most significant and characteristically profound figures of the Detroit scene. He started as a DJ at the Detroit radio station WJLB in 1987 (The Wizard).
In 1990, he formed the legendary Underground Resistance with Mike Banks aka Mad Mike, and left the group in 1992 to establish his own Axis label in Chicago. In 1996 he founded a new label Purpose Maker and his last concept label Tomorrow. Jeff Mills is a very prolific producer (aka: H-Bomb, Millsart, Servo Unique, True Faith, X-103, Final Cut; in group: H&M, Members Of The House, Subzero) and he is a real turnatblist too (dvd:"Exhibitionist").

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Nordik Impakt 2005
November 2006, 15th-19th. Caen (France)

7th edition for this french festival with many great artists like:
MC Rage & MC Fats
Agoria (Fr)
Green Velvet live (Us)
Technasia (Sino/Skint/logistic-Fr)
Woody Mac Bride (communiqué-Us)
Joris Voorn (Nl)
Reinhard Voigt (Kompakt- All)
Jesper Dalbäck aka DK7 live (Output-All)
Scratch Massive (Chateau Rouge-Fr)
Isolee live (Playhouse- All)
Ivan Smagghe (0utput-Fr)
Frank Martiniq ( Kompakt/Areal rec.-All)
The MFA live (Border Community-Uk)
And more...

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Tonebone Trimode tube distortion pedal

Tonebone Trimode is a 12AX7 equipped tube distortion pedal with two distortion channels. Common controls to both channels include a three-position drive range control for low, medium and high saturation, bass and treble 'passive interactive' equalization, and a high frequency roll-off filter.

List Price: $349 USD.

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Alesis Multimix mixers with FireWire connectivity

These compact tabletop mixers feature next-generation DICE II FireWire technology with transfer of multiple audio data streams from the mixer to computer , low noise analog electronics, and one hundred 28-bit digital effects.

Available in 8-, 12-, and 16-channel configurations ($599, $699, $799).

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The Roland TB303 Expo
February 2006, 17th-28th. Cologne (Germany)

The legendary TB303 will be celebrated during 11 days:
workshops, interviews, photo exhibition, parties...

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Weiss Engineering intros the DNA1

Weiss Engineering will show the DNA1 96kHz/24-bit audio restoration and enhancement processor at the 119th AES Convention.

The DNA1 is a versatile restoration tool with real time denoiser, decrackler, declicker, and K-Stereo Ambience Processor.

"It's simply amazing. It's the best denoiser I ever heard. It's the only one that does not destroy the tails of the reverbs, the only one that fixes the comb-filtering in the high frequencies."
Chris Hatzistamou, Athens Mastering, Greece.

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Guitar Shred Show - Mr.Fastfinger

The excellent Matrix synth blog (non official member of the annoying "black background blogs") points me to this awesome flash site : Guitar Shred Show - Mr.Fastfinger
In the lesson section you can play guitar riffs with your computer keyboard, with tablature and zoom on the fretboard!
The jam section is a very funny interactive flash movie.

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