Do you Circuit-bend ?
I am very embarrassed with circuit-bending :

As an electronic musician, I think that all bending instruments sound very bad and are not serious for making music, glitches and other ugly sounds hurt my ears and that the one and only interesting bending toy is so far the TI Speak&Spell (I own two).

But as a experimental musician I like so much the weird design of this amazing and tortured toys...

Here are two beautiful projects which I assume it's better to see than to listen to :)

Casio SK-1 Speak & Math Circuit Bent combo E-bay auction

TubbyBox: TinyFlaccid Po

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Cool Indexing Rings for download

Thomas Edward Green recently purchased a Moog Etherwave Standard theremin and have created some cool indexing rings for the knobs.

Of course you can use them for any synth or diy projects : a very clever and useful idea.

Download the indexing rings here

[Via Thereminworld]

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Hercules Dj Control mp3

Hercules launches the Dj control Mp3 :

"An intuitive and fast DJ mixing controller for use with PC, DJ Control MP3 allows users to make their own mixes at home in a flash, as well as personalize their music and host great parties just like a real DJ by creating their own playlists! "

Basically it's a Dj console without audio interface :

"Connected to a PC’s USB port, DJ Control MP3 and its bundled software, VirtualDJ 3 DJ Control Edition, control mixing on your computer. Compact and powered directly by the computer’s USB port, DJ Control MP3 can be used with either a desktop or laptop computer, to mix your music anywhere you like! DJ Control MP3 can also be used to control other mixing software via MIDI commands sent to the computer.An instrument designed with you in mind."

As on his sister you get two jog wheels, a cross fader slider and two volume sliders, eight EQ and pitch knobs and 28 action buttons.

DJ Control MP3 will be available at the end of October 2005, at a suggested retail price of €99.90, VAT included.

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