Where is was Discogs.com
Via the 313 list and saw on the Motown elevator blog : The domain name of Discogs website seems to be parked because of its expiration date exceeded.
But good news : You can read the reassuring words "Coming soon"...
Who made a bug : host provider or webmaster ?

Update : sounds to be okay now....

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Synth of the week : JoMoX MBase01

The JoMoX MBase01 is an uncompromising analog bass drum synthesizer in the form of a desktop midi module with storable presets.
I own one and it really does Phatt kick drums!!
It covers the whole range from 909-style to 808-fashioned with extreme punchy analog dynamic.
The MBase01 can also be used as real bass since the decay can be lengthened and the pitch can be played on the keyboard in semitones over three octaves, so you get also a real analog bass synthesizer.
A wonderfull feature is that the kick drum can be triggered by an external analog trigger input : I use one of the separate output of my TR-707 to sequence the Mbase01 in a real TR way!!!
For a european list price of 299 EUR you get a great analog tool.

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The SIDsyn

The SIDsyn is an old (1999-2001) synth project built around a SID chip with knobs for real time control.

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Studio of the month : Vangelis

Heaven and Hell...

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Happy birthday : Music Thing is one year old

The first ever Music Thing post was on August 24th 2004.
I discovered MT 3 or 4 months ago and it was a great experience !
Since I check MT every day to get my proportion of sexy music gear and clever thought.
And it's certain that I would never started my blog without this discovery.
Thank you very much and happy birthday Tom.

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Artist of the month: Steve Rachmad

Nowadays, Steve Rachmad is globally known as a techno producer and DJ from the Netherlands. Over the years, he has been respected in the world of electronic music for his deep, groovy sounds that tend to rest on impressive strings, melodies, funk and soul. His career has been reaching its highest peaks from 1996 up to the present time. Yet, it is somewhat less known that he has been in the music for 21 years by now.
Steve's life story starts in Amsterdam, where he saw the first lights of the day on November 19, 1969. Twelve years later, teenage Steve already starts buying his first records: to mix, remix, and cut-and-paste their parts with an open reel tape deck. In such a cut-and-paste fashion, he presented his first release in the mid-1980s, which was soon to be followed by more of them. Among these early releases was also the one created for a hip-house/dance artist Tony Scott.
From that time on, Steve finds his inspiration in the 1980s dance and electro, works of former Time members (Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis), The System, Arthur Baker, to name but a few. At the age of 15, he also starts his DJing career with a disco set in a small Amsterdam club. Nevertheless, his love for music urges him to start buying equipment, which would later result in a professional studio that is, according to him, "everything he ever dreamed of having." Today, his equipment is mainly analogue, providing him with a chance to explore the realms of warm, alive, non-static sounds. He laid the corner stone of this collection in 1985, by getting a TR-808.
A year later, Steve gets introduced to the house music. His attention is captured by the new sounds echoing mostly from Detroit and Chicago, i.e. by the work of artists such as Mr. Fingers and Derrick May. Following their style, Steve's own style takes a new direction. He is soon to be found working with artists like Darren Emerson and Derrick May.
The incoming years are to be marked by numerous successful releases on labels such as 100% Pure, Underwater, Fragile, M-Plant, Tresor, etc. He also did a significant number of remixes, signed under various pseudonyms. Among Steve's most respected releases is certainly his album "Secret Life of Machines," which came out in 1996 under his pseudonym Sterac. About the same time his DJing path starts rapidly evolving as well. Until today, Steve shares his talent with the crowds all over Europe, parts of North America, and Japan. He occasionally spins disco and electro, but mainly techno.
Of all the fictitious names he used throughout his career to sign his productions, the ones that remained until today are Sterac, Ignacio, Dreg, Parallel 9, Adverse Match and Sterac Electronics (his pseudonym for electro productions). They appear on the labels like Music Man, CLR, Jericho, Sino (Technasia), etc. Steve also runs three labels of his own: Scorp, Ion, and an electro label Interpersonal //XP. The history of remixes continues into the present, including a variety of people, such as Chris Liebing, the Advent, Kanzleramt, etc.
Over the years, Steve lost the count of his productions and remixes. However, he built an oeuvre that is without a doubt of a high magnitude: both quality and quantity-wise. Unfortunately, his busy DJ schedule puts a limit on the time he would like to spend in his studio. Yet, he strives for the balance that would satisfy his enormous artistic appetite and potential. His devotion to his dreams and inspirations drives him safely into the successful future

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JM Basquiat sells his synth on EBay

Casio Sk-1 with modular bay, bending, and sequencer saw on Get LoFi blog.
I like a lot its design !!

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Detroit Techno News : Jeff Mills Blog updated

Saw on the 313 TM Weblog : "Jeff Mills Blog updated : The blog will inform you on the next Jeff Mills projects...You will learn also that Jeff Mills has recently included video equipement in his studio and can work both music and pictures in same time."

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X-Woofer personal audio device

The X-Woofer could be an answer for feeling the bass while composing with a headphone. But is it a good thing to do that ?
[Via Endgadget]

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Stealth Speak & Read circuit bend with break-out toy piano...

Dj dAb's Speak & Spell with DB25 port mounting, reset button and internal wiring + Break-out toy piano with DB25 port, pitch control, 7 switches and 5 momentary buttons.

Check out also his huge list of gear and his very huge records listing.

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Akai releases the MPC2500

A new MPC (again) for $2,000, and nothing really exciting out there...
[Via Music thing] [Via Gear junkies]

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I want a Fairman TRC (Again)

Big knobs and Vu-meters again !

Q : Why I need so much them these days ?
A : Posts are very quiet at Music Thing at this time, so I don't get my daily proportion of sexy gear :(

The Fairman TRC combines the tube powered filter of the Pultec equalizer and the and compressor of the Fairchild compressor into one high quality recording channel.

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I want a Xone V6

Big shiny knobs, Vu meters, no matter how it sounds......I want one !

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A very personal synth

Jessica Rylan is a sound artist and electronic musician who lives and performs in the Boston area, where she grew up. The main focus of her work to date has been the design and construction modular synthesizers which use analog electronic circuits to create a diversity of sounds. She uses her synthesizers in installations at galleries and also in her high-energy, live musical performances.
what she says about this synth : " I needed a small synth that I could easily take on an airplane. I built this synth in a simple and straight-forward way, using 8038 chips for the oscillators and plenty of op-amps. I found a trick with the 8038, you can drive the sine distortion trim pin from a voltage source, for vc waveshape! But the true magic is a diode bridge vca, like in the Korg MS50. Why didn't I ever build this before? It's a very special intermodulation! Two oscillators, noise, and a mic preamp all swimming around each other, it runs on 2 9-volt batteries, it's my favorite so far! "

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Mindprint Intros TRIO USB Recording Solution

The New MindPrint TRIO USB offers the same channel strip with true analog EQ and Compressor, essential mixing, AUX & DAW inputs and comprehensive monitoring features as found on the original TRIO, but adds USB audio instead of the S/PDIF interface of the original TRIO.
The channel strip section provides a high quality instrument- and Class A microphone-input with phantom power and 10 kOhms impedance for optimal sounding results. The analog EQ's 'vintage' design makes it easy to record great sounding vocals and instruments. The Compressor's unique Adaptive Response mode is taken directly from MindPrint's high-end DTC Dual Tube Channel Strip and delivers superior results, requiring just one knob!
Best of all the new TRIO is white instead of the typical Mindprint's red.

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Life without Bob : Week #1

How do you say Moog ?

Usefull Posts on The vintagesynth forum.

This one rocks : "Mow-ger-fow-ger definitely is right. Try to pronounce it fast! Dr. Bob had a sense of humour."

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Funny video

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