Novation ReMOTE SL Launched

Remote keyboard with two large brightly-backlit 144-character LCD screens (which can display 16 parameter names and values simultaneously).
And X/Y Touchpad, joystick, a total of 56 assignable pots, encoders, sliders and buttons, the SL also offers highly responsive trigger pads.

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New releases from Subject Detroit

Dimitri Pike from 313 TM has posted some mp3 audio previews of the upcoming Subject Detroit releases, including tracks from Aaron Carl, Stephen Brown, and DJ Bone.

Subject Detroit is the DJ Bone's label.
You can listen to his weekly techno mix here :

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Useless thing of the day : Octave Catstick

It's useless, rare and expensive but black and sexy.
The Catstick is a powerful modulation controller that incorporated a joystick, two LFOs, and four VCAs.

Released in 1979, this silly unit completed the CAT family from Octave Electronics.

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Ploytec 34one : MIDI clock tape-on tempo pedal

The 34one (three-four-one) tap-on tempo pedal enables you to sync electronic equipment with MIDI clock in to what's going on.

For example syncing an effect, a drum-computer or a synth to a vinyl track become easy :

Listen to the beat.
Tap the pedal on '3'
Tap on '4'
On '1' 34one sends an additional MIDI Start.

Tap tempo range 30bpm - 300bpm
Solid housing for live performance
Extremly accurate due to a RISC CPU
Compatible to almost any MIDI keyboard or sequencer including software sequencers
Long 9V block battery life (>50 hours of operation, no energy consumption when switched off)

Click here to order

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