Module-records party with jack de Marseille

On May 2005 Module-records staff organized a party with one of the world best Deejay : Jack-de-marseille.
On this picture you can see from right to left Jack de Marseille, David Smyle, and me.
Download a David smyle's techno mix here.

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Detroit Electronic Music Archive

The Detroit Public Library's E. Azalia Hackley Collection is pleased to announce the formation of a Detroit Electronic Music Archive (D.E.M.A.).
performance by local artists Alvin Hill and Colin Zyskowski
Main Library, Third Floor, Old Fine Arts Room
After Party @ Majestic Cafe - 9 pm - 2 am
4120 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48201"
Inauguration 3:30 pm, Saturday, June 11
About this event ,i just can say "congratulations come never too much early!!!"And now it's time for music masters.

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Cassette will kill the CD star ?
Plusdeck BTO
I have a huge collection of recorded tapes : some of old electronic music like AON or Tangerine dream, other of my previous work (when i was young tape was state of the art).
I think i've found with the BTO Plus Deck 2 Cassette deck the better way to convert them into digital files.
It's a fully functional cassette deck fitting in any 5.25 inch bay of your computer like a CD Drive.
And BTW you can record all output sounds from your computer (bye bye DRM).

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Sònar festival
The spanish cultural event:

SONAR is one of the few festivals with major repercussions on an international scale. Created in 1994 by Sergio Caballero, Enric Palau and Ricard Robles, SONAR is the perfect meeting point for the public, artists and professionals to get together and be in touch with the latest trends in music and cutting edge art. A unique event, with takes place in Barcelona every year the second week-end of June, both urban and cosmopolitan.

See U there...

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Attack of the cybersausage from outer space
Not really music gear, but remenber TI speak & spell was not too :
Perhaps some LFOish group would use that in the future.

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Gift idea : SidStation Ninja
SidStation Ninja
SidStation Ninja - the dark avenger of the SID-family. This silky black beauty has clear blue LED's and a special set of martial arts patches originating from the domains of chaos. Limited to 50 numbered units.
She goes on ebay for US $2,000.00!!!

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D.I.M. Knock box
Knock box
This is my D.I.M. (do it myself) Knock box; i made it 9 years ago with some boss pedal effects that i have disassembled and then puted in a strong steel case.
There is only one power supply for all the effects (cool...), all are easily patchable in many ways, and last but not least i added a trigger from sequencer on it : just plug an old +5v trig signal to enabled the effect slave to the tempo.
Knock box

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