Nagra ARES-M : Another audio portable recorder

The portable audio recorder market is on fire, this new device is not the sexiest but it's a Nagra product !!
Nagra is a swiss company founded by Stefan Kudelski, builders of the highest level professional recording equipment available.
History : The Nagra I portable tape recorder with wind-up motor was released in 1951 and used by the Everest explorer Raymond Lambert and by the deep-sea bathyscaph Trieste.

Selected technical specifications :

Internal 1 GB memory

(.wav) or (.MP2) recording
Wav : 20 Bit A/D & D/A conversion at 8 to 48 kHz PCM
Mp2 : Digital compression at 64 to 384 kb/s

Miniature Jack microphone iput
Miniature Jack line iput

Jack 3.5 mm stereo line otput
Headphone output

2 x “AA” cells with a 10 hours atonomy

125 x 53 x 22 mm (without external microphone) 200 g

Price : 1'200 CHF

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