MESI Mini Monster Modular system

The French dealer MESI sells now four mini monster modular systems.

A very clever idea : Little ready-made modular synths in case from Doepfer, Analogue solutions and Analogue systems.

Most of them have the typical 1VCO-1VCA-1VCF modules.

But the Analogue Systems tiny EMS with RS-95 VCO, RS-510e Synthi trapezoid generator and RS-500e Synthi filter seems exciting.

Prices : 450 to 590€ VAT included

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JoMoX Xbase 999 previews

Some news about the forthcoming JoMoX Xbase 999

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Gizmodo Gallery: Mogens Jacobsen

A very strange but interesting gallery to see here.

Mogens Jacobsen is an independent artist and co-founder of the non-profit Artnode Foundation in Denmark.

I like a lot the “Crime Scene: Installation for 2 Computers” wich examines the legalities of file sharing over the Internet...

[Via Gizmodo ]

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