Jeff Mill's exclusive Ep only for download
Jeff Mills offers his first exclusive 12" Ep for the Axis Shop. Taken from the archive of unreleased Purpose Maker tracks, he punctuates his influence in the world of Electronic Music with this 3 track 12" Ep entitled "Time Mechanic" (ax-043). Easily accessible for any type of dj, as with all the Purpose Maker releases, this release bares much more emotion. Funky basslines, precise arrangements and sexy percussion all equal to " Millsian Minimalism" that is hard to find today. A must-have for any Purpose Maker/Axis collector. For more detiails: visit

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Label of the month: Tresor

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JoMoX reveals a little neuronium filter

"The M-Resonator is a small filter box based on the Resonator Neuronium idea.
It has a true differential envelope follower and 2 Filters that can be fed back in every way. The filter distorts smoothly..."
If you don't have enough money to buy the Resonator.....

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New interactive music toy from the Furby's father

Zizzle's iZ is a interactive music toy thought up by the "Father of Furby".
It currently comes in three colors: red, green and blue.
There are three standalone modes, and a Mp3 player mode :

Play Mode : U can mix beats, rhythms and leads to make your own music. iZ DJ Mode
In this mode the iZ from Zizzle is in control and mixes by himself. Pushing the belly button makes him try another mix. Also be aware the iZ is not always doing what you want him to-do and he is also a bit ticklish. This little bit of uncertainty of behavior ads to his personality.

DJ Mode : iZ is in control and mixes by himself.

Wziz FM Mode : iZ becomes a simulated radio. Twisting his ears changes the 'channels'.

MP3 Player Mode : Connecting an MP3 player to iZ overrides all other modes. His nose is flashing to the beat of the music playing from the MP3 player. iZ is adding his sounds and words to the playing music in random ways.

The iZ is already available for pre-order on for $39.99.Shipping Date is September 29th.

[Via i4u] - Video here

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Extreme bending toy

Ouch ! No comment

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Old synths are free synths (in the virtual world)

After the Rebirth, d-lusion has released two virtual instruments as free downloads, Drumstation and Rubberduck.
It's very funny because I think these three software were the first I've ever try.
It was the beginning of virtual synthesis, and I was very disapointed with bad sounding and long latency (150 ms on my 450MHz Pc !).
So I never bought one of them and was waiting for more usable virtual gear.
I really hope that manufacturers like Korg, Roland or Moog will follow the same way and release for free their old (real) synths, but...
The funniest thing is that the d-lusion crew is very proud to claim that this free virtual synths are "fully Windows 95 compatible." :D

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VST Plug-In for live sessions

Place the VSTunnel Plug-in to the 'Master Insert' of the sequencer, and it transmits your local production to all paticipants of a session.
The audio is mixed and sampled accurately into the audio out. So everbody hears a mix of their own work and the work of others
I think you must have a hi-speed connection for a decent result, So the Ninjam concept seems to be more usable and cheaper. (You can download the VSTunnel Plug-in for free but all saving functions are disabled, the maximum song length is limited to 1 minute and the download quality cannot be adjusted.)

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New text to code chip for SpeakJet
Again a post about the Speakjet speech synthesizer chip.
The new TTS256 is an 8-bit microprocessor programmed with letter-to-sound rules. This built-in algorithm allows for the automatic real-time translation of English ASCII characters into allophone addresses compatible with the SpeakJet Speech Synthesizer IC.
So tou can combine this with the SpeakJet to build a complete text-to-speech solution.

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Life without Bob : Week #2

Recent coverage of Bob Moog at Synthopia.

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Optical theremin in vintage Kodak camera

Modified Rat Shack Optical Theremin, housed in a circa-1940's Kodak Brownie camera.
The photocell is behind the lens. The switch selects between the standard mode, and a range-limited mode so you can keep the signal in lower octaves.
Knob controls the range.
Seems to belong to a Housepig member.
Very pretty and very retro style...

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New feature on Module records #2
After the Tagcloud feature, I've upload a module (on the right, in the sidebar) which displays the latest messages from groups and lists, related to electronic music.
Basicaly mails sended by the list are transformed into a RSS feed thanks to a mailbucket gateway.
You can also get the RSS feed here : .

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Very cool looking equalizer wristwatch

I think it will be the next hype in techno parties.
[Via Gizmodo]

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New feature on Module records
I've made a Tagcloud about electronic music.
The cloud is updated with the most important keywords finding into RSS feeds from several music related blogs.
If your blog is'nt here : email me.

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