Cynthcart is out !

The Cynthcart turns the Commodore 64 into a kickass synthesizer.
3 Note Polyphony with no latency, LFO for vibrato, Portamento, Support for 2nd SID chip (stereo chorus effects), Filter cutoff control via paddle controller, control of attack and release...
Much cheaper than a SidStation...
[Via Get LoFi]

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Technics releases the new SL-1200MK2PK

This standard comes now in black.

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Rex Club - Paris

New design for this fabulous club, in September 2005. So, for the dedicated clubber, a visit to Paris will be not complete without a night at the Rex Club(Always, with his very good sound-system).
Some of the best DJs from around the world have graced the decks in this dark, basement venue, with the emphasis mainly on techno. Laurent Garnier caused a stir here back in 1991 with his Wake Up nights and his numerous appearances always draw a sizeable crowd.

Name: Rex Club
Address: 5, Boulevard Poissonnière, 75002 Paris, France
By Metro: Bonne Nouvelle.
Tel: +33 (0) 1 42 36 28 83
Fax: +33 (0) 1 42 21 11 93
Opening Hours: 11pm-dawn

The club attracts a wide-ranging crowd. Entry is easier than at some of the bigger and glitzier clubs, but arrive early, especially when the better known guests are in town.

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Synth of the century : MiniMoog

In memory of Robert "Bob" Moog, died on august 21, 2005.
This week synth of the week is The Synth of the century, considered as the very first synti for musician due to its incredible warm and fat sound.
A lot of infos on the net...

We will miss you Dr Moog!

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Sensitive Object : control music

I like a lot Sensitive Object company because they are French, because they talk about man-machine interfaces and because they made a technology to control everything possible with sounds waves : this technology is based on the recognition of sound waves which propagate in an object when it is touched at a precise location. A tap on a table possesses an acoustic signature that is distinctive at the point of impact. In other words, the waves that are emitted from a precise point are diffused in the material differently from a tap that occurs a few centimeters away. This property was discovered thanks to a physical process called temporal reversal, which precisely identifies the source of the emitted waves.
At this time they've developed some flat virtual keyboard for and a line of embedded products in the form of electronic modules to integrate very easily in all host devices. These modules are of low power consumption and reduced cost : think about this technologie for music gear...

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Take MIDI control over the world

I discover highly_liquid via Get LoFi blog.
They sell MIDI interface to control a large array of gear.
So far their new MIDISpeak Module (great name!!) is their best interface : Adds a standard MIDI IN port to your Speak & Spell, Speak & Read, or Speak & Mat.
Another module is a 8 output MIDI decoder with integrated relay, transistor, or 5V switching and behaviour customization.
Perhaps a good idea to interface it with Speakjet?

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A movie where Deejay is God

I like a lot this video !
Music on vinyl is represented as a time-line. And Deejay can control it with usual turntablism tricks...
Remember that you can "really" do that with the Pioneer DVJ-X1.
You must watch this video.

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Lost events
If you are around London this weekend, you can can go to this party

The Bridge / SE1
(Weston St, by London Bridge SE1)
Opening time t.b.c. - 6AM
We are pleased to announce that we will also be joined by more guests crucial to our musical heritage. All guests are exclusive uk dates AND WILL ONLY BE PLAYING AT LOST.
- red.regular LOST dancefloor.

To date - more info to follow!!!
- blues.hosted by
(Mark & Moritz formerly Basic Channel presenting their dub set)
full line up t.b.a.

3rd Space Incorporating 'Inside the White Cube'

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Denon DN-3500 : New direct drive deck

Denon releases then new DN-S3500 tabletop CD/MP3 player with a powerful 12-pole Direct Drive high torque motor delivering instant full rotation speed with a powerful 2.5 kg/cm of start-up torque within 0.5 seconds for true turntable reaction and response. Selectable platter speeds of 33.3 or 45 rpm offer analog manipulation suited to the user’s preference.
you get also :
7 on-board effects : Echo, Echo/Loop, Filter, Flanger, Brake, Dump, & Reverse.
15 Sec. On-board Sampler w/ Sampler Copy Feature!
Next Track Reserve With Crossfade.
Full MP3 playback support.
Three-way pitch bend is controllable using the scratch disc, pitch bend buttons or finger-pressure along side the spinning platter.
Customizable paper slip mats can be applied under the removable clear scratch disc for platter personalization.
Video here :
The Denon DN-S3500 Professional Direct Drive CD/MP3 Player is available late September.

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Insanium : Speakjet powered synthi

Remember the exciting Speakjet voice synthesizer chip ? Here is the Insanium a 4 oscillator digital / analog hybrid synth designed and coded from the ground up by Lorin Edwin Parker and built from scratch.
The speakjet is used for both speech, and as a synth. It also contains analog filters, mixers, mosfet preamps and a slew of other sound stuff. The instrument also contains a hand-held radio and a patchable matrix mixer, as well as a computer data port for preset programming and firmware update and an auxiliary input.
Sample here :

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