New blog for Vinyl junkies

Cyprien Rose from Houz-Motik launches a new blog dedicated to rare vinyl records !!
The post about this Cybotron release is quite interesting...

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Label of the month : Basic Channel

Fonded by Moritz Von Oswald & Mark Ernestus (aka: Cyrus, Maurizio, Phylyps, Quadrant, Rhythm & Sound, Round Five, Round Four, Round One, Round Three, Round Two), Basic Channel (and its many sublabels:Basic Replay, Burial Mix, Chain Reaction, Main Street Records, M Series, Rhythm & Sound, Wackies) is just the legendary Techno-Dub label from Berlin...!

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Hardware controllers for digital deejaying roundup

A little roundup of hardware controllers for digital Deejaying....

If you have some experience with one of this : Fell free to leave a comment !

Evolution X-session (110 Euro without VAT)

Usb and Midi controller with 16 knobs and a mean cross fader.
No jogwheel, No audio interface.

+ : Usb, a x-fader, memories, cheap.
- : Ugly, fader is at the top of the unit, only one cheap x-fader .

Faderbox (154,31 Euro without VAT)

3 different models with buttons, knobs, faders.
No jogwheel, no audio interface.

+ : Sexy, tiny, versatile.
- : tiny, sold out...(new modules available soon).

Grex Ultra Dynamics MXF8

Midi controller with X-fader and extensive rithmic features.
No jogwheel, no audio interface.

+ : Sexy!! , Ratio mode.
- : Discontinued...

Mixman DM2 (79.95 USD)

Works with its dedicated software (or standalone with the DM2 to MIDI freeware).
Two scratch wheels, buttons, joystick, x-fader.
No audio interface.

+ : Cheap and cheaper on the bay (30 USD), a lot of controls.
- : Nothing at all for the price !

DJ Console MK2 and Mp3 (240 USD and 130 USD)

Comes in two versions : with and without audio interface.
improved jogwheels, lot of controls.

+ : Very complete package.
- : Still a toy with poor scratch capabilities.

Behringer B-CONTROL DEEJAY BCD2000 (220 USD)

The Low-cost company answer. Audio interface, jogwheels....

+ : Cheap and complete
- : Behringer quality

EKS XP10 (300 USD)

A single deck controller with one scratch/cue wheel, transport buttons and Fader.
high quality audio Usb interface.

+ : Semi pro scratch/cue wheel, a nice fader, audio interface.
- : You need at least two units.

Kontrol:Dj (340 Euro with VAT)

Very complete dual controller with Midi and Usb IO but no audio.

+ : ALPS encoders, lot of knobs, good replacable x-fader, looks pro, dual deck
- : Jog wheels with no ring or touch plate (unlike xp10)

Waveidea Bitstream 3x (460 €)

Pro Midi and Usb controller, with lot of controllers.
No audio.

+ : Metallic case, endless encoders, XYZ joystick, x-fader, transport buttons.
- : No jog-wheels at all, more suitable for producer than Dj.

PCDJ DAC-3 (525 USD)

Dual deck media controller. No audio interface.

+ : Pro device.
- : Expensive, not suitable for digital turnablism.

e-mix mp1200 (840.00 CHF excl. VAT)

All in -one digital mixing solution with audio interface and software.

+ : All in one.
- : Can't be use with an other software (AFAIK).

Allen & Heath Xone:3D (2 700 USD)

All ine one solution : high performance DJ mixer, a top spec multi-channel USB soundcard (8 channels !), a comprehensive MIDI control surface...

+ : See above...
- : Jogwheels seem mean...The price !


MIDI controller allowing an infinite customizable combination of controls.

+ : Customizable.
- : No audio.


Top Dj and producer Richie Hawtin has designed and built an entirely custom MIDI controller incorporating the features and power of 5 MIDI devices into one. This unit, the CTRL LIVE, will give Hawtin full real-time control over 128 parameters of audio, video, lighting, and effects simultaneously.

+ : Guess what.
- : Guess what.

JazzMutant Lemur (2190,00 EUR VAT incl.)

Multitouch control surface.

+ : You can design what you want.
- : Require extensive programing knowledge, expensive.

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