Label of the month: Submerge

From the beginnings of Detroit techno and house to the latest electro, soul and hip-hop, Submerge is one of the world's hubs for electronic music.
Submerge was established in 1992 by Christa Weatherspoon Robinson and Michael Banks as an administrative hub for Detroit's independent dance music labels. As a manufacturer, it administrates the production of 12" records, compact discs and merchandise. As a wholesale distributor, Submerge ships these products throughout the United States, Europe and the Far East.

Submerge Labels:
Black Nation
Final Frontier
Local 3000
Los Hermanos
Pi Gao Movement
Red Planet
Submerge Recordings
SÜD Electronic
Tunnel 7
Underground Resistance
World Power Alliance

Somewhere In Detroit:
Axis / Purpose Maker / Tomorrow
Basic Channel / Chain Reaction / M Series
Beta Bodega
Down Low
End To End
Ersatz Audio
Ghostly International / Spectral Sound
Kajmere Sound Recordings
KDJ / Mahogani Music
Large Music / Vista
Minus / +8
Moods N Grooves
Planet E
Sound Signature
Subject: Detroit
Technoir Audio
Ubiquity Records

Submerge also specializes in the marketing, promotion and publishing of the labels under it's management - giving artists the ability to raise the profile of their music and maximize the income from their recorded works.
Submerge operates in a competitive and dynamic music industry. Over the years the approach to business has constantly been redefined, to learn more about Submerge's unique history and growth please visit the history section.
Submerge's independent growth and survival has been made possible through the sharing of information resources and creative solutions. Please visit our industry links section to connect with some of the businesses that have made Submerge possible.

Ghetto Tech
The Plan

Contact Info:
Submerge Management
3000 East Grand Blvd.
Detroit, Michigan
48202 USA
Fax: 313-972-3001

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Cache Records

Welcom to the new label Cache Records , founded by Pacou (one of the bests german dj/producer with many releases on Tresor Records.)
In September 2005, you'll can find the release, with three Pacou original tracks and a very good remix by Steve Rachmad.

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Motion dive .tokyo performance package

I don't know what it exactly do but I like quite a lot this thing.
Edirol says : "The motion dive .tokyo performance package is a collaboration between Digitalstage, creators of motion dive .tokyo, and Edirol. Edirol has enhanced the already famous motion dive .tokyo software by adding MIDI functionality and designing a unique USB powered hardware controller that mirrors the software interface. The combined pieces create a new and exciting way to perform visuals in real time."

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Sixteen potential home studio rigs
This page presents sixteen different home studio rigs. It covers rock, pop, acoustic, hip hop, and trance genres, with gear suggestions appropriate to the music styles. It's a good starting point for outfitting your new studio.

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MP3 Trimmer : edit your MP3s fast and easy

As many of Mp3-player addicts, I'm very disappointed with the gap between songs, especially when I'm listening to a multi-parts mix or live :(
With this Mac only freeware you can join songs together, add smooth fade-ins or fade-outs to your new file, or change the over all gain. In addition, you can also , divide them, repair broken MP3s or simply analyze them frame by frame.

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