Saitek portable speaker
Saitek releases a very portable 2.1 speaker system with a pop-up subwoofer.
I guess its sound'll not be as good as its design

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Lemur is available!
Jazzmutant Lemur

JazzMutant announces that the Multitouch Control Surface Lemur is finally out of the factory and available worldwilde. The Lemur is a sleek portable controller for live performance computer music applications featuring a 12" LCD display and a proprietary touch screen interface that can simultaneously track multiple fingers. The Lemur's interface objects can be customized with JazzMutant's "physical" properties that include friction, smoothing, and fade-in and fade-out.

The street price is 2190 euros and available for European citizens directly from JazzMutant web site. For American and Canadian citizens, they must order their Lemur at $2495 directly to Cycling'74.

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reBOOT: Notes for the Next Generation

The Los Angeles-based humanitarian organization has partnered with Om Records to release the benefit compilation CD, reBOOT: Notes for the Next Generation, containing unreleased tracks by some of the most recognizable and respected producers, artist and DJs from the world of electronic music. All proceeds from the net wholesale of this CD will help children in Africa whose parents have died from AIDS. The benefit CD will be released on July 26, 2005.

The artists that came together to make this CD possible, donated original, mostly unreleased tracks. The incredible line-up includes, Thievery Corporation, Louie Vega, Ron Trent, DJ Garth & Markie Mark, Miguel Migs, Kaskade, Marques Wyatt & Gina Rene, Mark Farina, aFRO-mYSTIK, Adam Freeland, Vinny da Vinci (South Africa), Troye (South Africa), Troydon (South Africa), J Boogie, and Jeremy Sole’s Musaics & Garth Trinidad.

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A portable subwoofer for notebook
Saitek woofer
This unique Saitek's subwoofer sound system offers notebook users the chance to appreciate bass frequency in a size of a CD in diameter.
The cable is wound up around the subwoofer much like the string on a yo-yo and is split between the USB connector which powers the amplifier and the 3.5mm audio jack.
It works best with machines that have a dedicated subwoofer output, which means that you really need a notebook capable of 5.1-channel audio.
With an effective output of 2W the PZ09A won’t make the floor shake, but considering that it only costs £20.98 inc VAT you wouldn’t expect it to. Overall the PZ09A is yet another gadget, but one that actually serves a purpose and a useful one at that.

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Ecler releases a hybrid Midi/audio mixer

This revolutionary 4 channel mixer featuring control of external devices via MIDI, allows deejays to play software live in a natural and intuitive manner. This remote controller features 72 different MIDI messages, which can be fully programmed to our choice and customized later on with an innovative label print system.

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Numark iDJ : DJ Control for Twin iPod

[Via Sonic State] : Numark iDJ Delivers DJ Control for Twin iPods, Crossfade, start stop, EQ and mixer functions. The iDJ features two iPod docks, a mic input, phono/line inputs and 3-band EQ and gain control.
Vinyl is dead - CD is dead - Ipod is dead (soon).

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Pump Up The Bass

Waves have been showing off the MaxxBCL, a new processor that combines Waves MaxxBass enhancer, Renaissance Compressor, and L2 Ultramaximizer limiter in one hardware unit for the first time. In addition, the new unit's analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters exceed the performance of the acclaimed converters in the L2 Ultramaximizer hardware unit, a processor used on countless hit records and soundtracks.
MaxxBCL incorporates three of Waves well-known audio processors in a sturdy 2U rack-mount configuration: MaxxBass enhancer (which features a second-generation algorithm used in the company's Renaissance Bass); Renaissance Compressor; and L2 Ultramaximizer limiter. All processing is performed in a 48-bit end-to-end path.

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Digitech introduces the JamMan pedal

I always like loop sampler to make weird electronic music : The JamMan Looper/Phrase Sampler is a new powerful effects processor dedicated to loop creation, manipulation, playback and overdubbing, based on the classic Lexicon JamMan rackmount effect.

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Roland SP-404 : The little big sampler

I have two SP-303 Roland sampler, and i really like them : an easy to use and very intuitive gear.
So i was very happy when i know that Roland releases its succesor with more features, more voices, more pads, more memory, a battery-power compatibility, a CompactFlash slot, a built-in microphone for quick, stress-free sampling sessions, an onboard pattern sequencer and top-quality effects with four control front-panel knobs.

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A very clever turtablism transcription methodology

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