The Module-records studio

Here is a part of the module-records studio, the cool-looking guy on picture is the label manager David Smyle.
As i toke the picture i am not on it...
Stop your mouse over synths to know their name.
Next time i will shot an other part, perhaps the vintage one.

Ableton Live4
Elektron Sidstation
DIM Knock-box
David Smyle
Roland SH-101
Novation Basstation
Roland Tb-303
Doepfer MAQ 16/3 X2
DIM Synthequenzer
Roland Tr-707
Jomox Mbase01
Kenny Larkin
Just a control KB
Nord Micro-modular
roland Jx-8p

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Ableton Live 5's New Features
If you are serious in making electronic "dance oriented" music, you must already know Ableton Live, a revolutionary audio tracker.
This days Ableton is proud to announce the release of Live 5 : " the team's biggest development effort since the initial release of Live in 2001. The version 5 feature set extends each aspect of Live - from creation to production to performance - while making the program easier and even more fun to use. "
Some of new features :
DAW Features : clip Freeze, plug-in delay compensation, launchable Arrangement locators and Mackie Control support.
Remix Features : MP3 support, automatic tempo-matching, Complex Warp Mode.
Organizational Tools : better browsing, new preset management, Device Groups and the new library.
Instruments and Effects : Beat Repeat, Phaser, Flanger, Auto Pan, Saturator, Arpeggiator and the updated Simpler.
Countless improvements to existing features : for instance, you can change the properties of multiple clips at once, resize and minimize the width of tracks in the Session View, use right-click context menus for most functions and use a count-in for recording.

Public beta starts soon, with a release in July.

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The best Techno Netlabel
Thinner is a German electronic music netlabel that distributes free MP3 files across the world.
"In summer of 1998 the swedish guy Thomas Jaldemark decided to start a netlabel dedicated to minimal techno, driven by the idea to create a platform for releasing own works and tracks from his friends. Thomas was quite close to the PC demomusic- scene, and he announced "Thinner" releases on various demoscene webboards, mailinglists and on certain channels on ircnet.
The organizers of "Thinner", Thomas Jaldemark and Sebastian Redenz, share a vision to create a nonprofit, "educational" webproject dealing with dubtechno, static minimalism, urban electronica, other new forms of techno & plain 4/4 techno. They are highly motivated in creating a sophisticated and highquality mp3netlabel dealing with such music. Thomas was already running a techno netlabel called "Thinner" so we decided to set a new profile for it. The third generation of "Thinner" will split from its demoscene roots and promote itself to the interested electronica audience out there on the internet and make lots of new contacts."
Thinner release are very good minimalistics-techno tracks and You can download every release from Thinner website and spread the music.
Give it a try!!!

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Synth of the week
EML's 400/401 ElectroComp is a rare semi-modular analog synthesizer/sequencer that first appeared in 1970 and although it was produced until 1984, roughly 300 were made.
It's a two components system :
The synthesizer (401) component with dual VCOs (sawtooth, square and noise waveforms) , multimode resonant VCF filter with switchable hi, low and band pass filtering, and VCA with attack and release control.
The analog sequencer(400) component is a 12-tone diatonic sequencer with voltage controlled envelope generators in 16 stages.

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Another SID-station ?
"Elektron SidStation combines the MOS6581 sound chip of the classic Commodore C64 homecomputer with a powerful operating system. Prepare for original cool sounds never heard before" : It's true but you may have some difficulties to find a new SIDStation, because it is now discontinued.
So you can try a DIY project like the MIDIbox SID.

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Sound Performance Lab : Charisma 2
"The Charisma 2 is a dual channel tube processor designed to improve the power, punch, dynamics and the subjective loudness of processed signals. Designed to introduce a subjective tonal warmth and a smooth bottom end into digitally recorded material, Charisma exceeds the mere simulation of tape saturation. "
Anyone use it ?

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The Kopyright Liberation Front
Reading this excellent post on the excellent Music Thing blog, remind me KLF.
KLF (Bill Drummond + Jimi Cauty) was the inventor of "ambient" music and "chill-out" term with their eponym album.
Then they publish a guidebook to creating number one singles.
And they became successfull with very catchy acid tracks like "what time is love", "3 A.M. eternal" and "last train to trancentral".
In 1994 they make a very anarchic/artistic performance called "Nailed to the wall" : one million pounds nailed to a wall, that they burned !

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