The Module-records studio

Here is a part of the module-records studio, the cool-looking guy on picture is the label manager David Smyle.
As i toke the picture i am not on it...
Stop your mouse over synths to know their name.
Next time i will shot an other part, perhaps the vintage one.

Ableton Live4
Elektron Sidstation
DIM Knock-box
David Smyle
Roland SH-101
Novation Basstation
Roland Tb-303
Doepfer MAQ 16/3 X2
DIM Synthequenzer
Roland Tr-707
Jomox Mbase01
Kenny Larkin
Just a control KB
Nord Micro-modular
roland Jx-8p

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now u know my f****** face?!

2:33 AM  
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