Ableton Live 5's New Features
If you are serious in making electronic "dance oriented" music, you must already know Ableton Live, a revolutionary audio tracker.
This days Ableton is proud to announce the release of Live 5 : " the team's biggest development effort since the initial release of Live in 2001. The version 5 feature set extends each aspect of Live - from creation to production to performance - while making the program easier and even more fun to use. "
Some of new features :
DAW Features : clip Freeze, plug-in delay compensation, launchable Arrangement locators and Mackie Control support.
Remix Features : MP3 support, automatic tempo-matching, Complex Warp Mode.
Organizational Tools : better browsing, new preset management, Device Groups and the new library.
Instruments and Effects : Beat Repeat, Phaser, Flanger, Auto Pan, Saturator, Arpeggiator and the updated Simpler.
Countless improvements to existing features : for instance, you can change the properties of multiple clips at once, resize and minimize the width of tracks in the Session View, use right-click context menus for most functions and use a count-in for recording.

Public beta starts soon, with a release in July.

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