The best Techno Netlabel
Thinner is a German electronic music netlabel that distributes free MP3 files across the world.
"In summer of 1998 the swedish guy Thomas Jaldemark decided to start a netlabel dedicated to minimal techno, driven by the idea to create a platform for releasing own works and tracks from his friends. Thomas was quite close to the PC demomusic- scene, and he announced "Thinner" releases on various demoscene webboards, mailinglists and on certain channels on ircnet.
The organizers of "Thinner", Thomas Jaldemark and Sebastian Redenz, share a vision to create a nonprofit, "educational" webproject dealing with dubtechno, static minimalism, urban electronica, other new forms of techno & plain 4/4 techno. They are highly motivated in creating a sophisticated and highquality mp3netlabel dealing with such music. Thomas was already running a techno netlabel called "Thinner" so we decided to set a new profile for it. The third generation of "Thinner" will split from its demoscene roots and promote itself to the interested electronica audience out there on the internet and make lots of new contacts."
Thinner release are very good minimalistics-techno tracks and You can download every release from Thinner website and spread the music.
Give it a try!!!

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Blogger eran said...

no doubt that thinner is one of the best netlabels that i could found.
any tips for something new?
it's just take them way too long to release the 101 record : (


4:46 PM  

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