Insanium : Speakjet powered synthi

Remember the exciting Speakjet voice synthesizer chip ? Here is the Insanium a 4 oscillator digital / analog hybrid synth designed and coded from the ground up by Lorin Edwin Parker and built from scratch.
The speakjet is used for both speech, and as a synth. It also contains analog filters, mixers, mosfet preamps and a slew of other sound stuff. The instrument also contains a hand-held radio and a patchable matrix mixer, as well as a computer data port for preset programming and firmware update and an auxiliary input.
Sample here :

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Anonymous Lorin Edwin Parker said...

Information about the insanium's design and the upcoming release of Open Source firmware, schematics and circuit boards can be found at:


Lorin Edwin Parker

I hope that people enjoy the instrument and would like to use it as a part of their sound.

4:16 AM  

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