The 10th Planet is the techno's one

Saw on the 313 TM BLOG :
"Saw on the 313 list and confirmed by majors news websites from around the world.
The 10 th Planet (2003UB313) is officially included in our solar system.
Since month/years NASA observatory searching about... Few musicians too...
Here is a recording of Derrick May with a friend '?' discussing about the 10 th Planet... Interesting and so artistic point of view. Extract from Universal Techno, famous report about electronic music realised by Arte TV. Dimitri Pike"
I think Mayday's friend should be Abdul Qadim Haqq, a painter who is responsible for most of the drawings and sleeve designs for labels such as Underground Resistance & Red Planet.

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Anonymous monsieur pink said...

you see ... ! remember the french tv documentary about techno and detroit, when derrick may talk with the painter ? anyway, this guy was not crazy at all !

8:47 PM  

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