Brian Eno is the father of ambient music

Some month ago i have posted a story about The KLF and i wrote that they were the creator of ambient music.
As someone told me in his comment it's largely false. In fact Brian Eno is considered the father of ambient music as this term was first used by him in the 1970s to refer to "music that would envelop the listener without drawing attention to itself" (Ambient 1: Music for Airports).
Also some of the works of Erik Satie can be regarded as predecessors of modern ambient music(He referred to his music as something that could be played during dinner and would simply create an atmosphere for that activity rather than be the focus of attention).
So I would rather say that The KLF was the creator of Ambient-house or Modern Electronic Ambient music, They've also introduced for the first time the term "Chill-out" in their eponym album.
I hope Brian Eno will excuse me for that outrageous mistake.

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Blogger Phillip said...

When Eno read your mis-attribution, he laughed so hard he spit his own urine all over his monitor!

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How Eno "invented" ambient is quite an intersting story. He was sick in hospital(collapsed lung I think) and could hardly move. At the end of a visit a friend gave him a casette to listen to, she put it on and left. However she didnt turn the sound up to anywhere near a "regular" level so he was foced to listen to 2 hours of low level sound. In the end he liked it enough to work on the idea... anyway that's the story he tells. LP

1:57 AM  

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