Sherman Productions : Quadfilter picture

Limited Edition only 95 pcs made, all sold out.....

"4 Sherman Filterbanks in 1 box, numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4. The numbers also apply to the MIDI channel at which the 4 filterbanks are programmed. E.g. filterbank 1 has MIDI channel 1, filterbank 2 has MIDI channel 2 etc...

The 4 filterbanks have a separate input (i.e. you can plug in 4 different sound sources into the 4 different filterbanks, so actually it's some kind of weird mixing desk), or you can link them all together (i.e. when 1 input is used, you can process the source through all 4 filterbanks, and then you may have a filter slope of 96dB...)"


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