Detroit Techno News : UR is back !!

Via the 313 TM blog : UR is back !!

New design for the Underground Resistance web site...

Notes from the Frontlines :

"This site is under construction. It will always be under construction. If that concept is too hard to grasp, you might want to leave now. As much as we may want definition, something solid and unchanging, that is not reality. Who we are right now is different from who we were yesterday, whether we like it or not. It’s the nature of the universe. Underground Resistance is no exception. It’s no secret that Underground Resistance has gone through a number of changes throughout the years, some coming from inside forces and others from outside forces, but sounds, rhythms, melodies and techniques change because, as human beings, we change and the music you’ve heard reflects that. The future will remain consistent in that there will be more change. This site, if we do our jobs, will be a reflection of that as well."

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