Synth of the week : Korg X-911 "guitar synth"
This one come from my private collection and is a very unique piece.
At first sight it looks like an ARP or like an little TR-808; in fact this is half an effects box and half preset synth. On the left there is the cheezy preset "from electric bass" to "trumpet" and on the right you have the synth part with pulse,square, saw waves, Attack Decay Attack envelope and for the filter just Attack & Decay. You can trigger by and processes external signals with cool distortion and funky synthe Wah. It has external FM input, VCF freq. mod input, Cv/Hz in's/outs, Trig in/outs.
In sum the sound is very punchy (same filter than a MS-20!!), funky or cheezy.
I bought it 230€ and never regret that.

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