A DIY portable cardboard speaker

Look at this portable cardboard speaker, as the guy who made it says :

" I think this puts most portable to shame - the ipod deals included- maybe not the high end Bose or Cambridge - but then again this cost me less then $15 bucks.
Its loud and acceptably accurate for what it is not to mention the bass response is 10x that of what even 4 2.5" cones can reproduce.
The handle makes it ultra portable and hey it just looks freakin cool "

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Blogger / dale charles said...

Nice blog. A couple of comments on the speaker box -

1. The" speakers" might look cool and certainly would be something to talk about but there's no way that they sound even remotely good with a cardboard enclosure. Its just a fun thing to do and look at. I like the fact that you were creative with what you had around you.

2. Bose & Cambridge speaker systems are NOT High-end speakers - they are cheap, mass-marketed and boxy sounding. Any true audiophile or EE would agree. THEY ARE JUST MARKETED WELL - ITS ALL MARKETING. Bose had some moments and there are some good people in that company but its nothing to compare to.

Speaker design is one of the most important and debated issues in audio but Cambridge and Bose are not high-end - sort of like how people think MP3's sound "great" (the general public are being dumbed down regarding audio quality and settling for convenience and cool factor)

Up for some education and a debate on the audio industry? Wants some real exprienced truths about hi-fi and audio equipment?

Check my friends store audioproz.com and read on. This guy has been repairing and modifying / upgrading hi-fi for 25 yrs plus and really knows speakers and audio equipment.

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