The Clocktave : Turtablist melodic tool

The Clocktave is a turntablist scratch tool, specifically designed for melodic scratching with the newest types of analog and digital turntables.It's a scratch tool based on a simple, but smart concept. In april 2004 Sjam told Kypski about his idea of pressing notes, ascending notescales to be exact, on a vinyl record. But not just that, the octaves of the scales had to be divided exactly between one rotation of a record. This way you'd remember the position of every note. You could play melodies while scratching, scratch while playing melodies... scratch melodies...well basically play melodies using your turntable. And all this while keeping the natural sound of the instruments in every single note, without having to move your scratching hand away from the platter to change pitch.Kypski liked this idea so much that he decided to introduce this concept briefly on Mazturbation Tool, and after that create a whole scratch record entirely around this concept. They named the concept 'Clocktave' (Clock - Octave) because the note markers can be read as a clock: every note has its fixed position, regardless of wether it's in a high or low octave. You could compare it to Q-Bert's 'Y Record', but with musical notes instead of stabs & beats and with way, way more positionings.And here it is. Superb musicians were hired to play scales and chords on acoustic and electric instruments like electric bass, upright bass, guitars, synth leads, rhodes, clavinet, horns

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