Do you want a Minimoog ?
I guess the answer is "Yes, of course". This little 3VCOs vintage synth is one of the best ever built and you hear his powerfull basses&leads sounds in many electronic music production.
So you can buy an used one : it's not easy and very expensive (2000 USD).
You can also try the Minimoog voyager : The official reedition from Moog music with lot of goodies (midi, touch screen, memory) ; but keep in mind it's not a Minimoog but something else for 3000 USD.
Minimoog voyager
You can also buy a Studio-electronics SE-1 analog clone : It's sounds like a Moog as it's built with same circuitry and composants.
studio-electronics SE-1
A cheapest but elegant solution is the MFB SynthII, an unassumed Minimoog clone from german Manufacturer : it sounds like a Moog thanks to its Moogish analog filter!!!
MFB Synth2
The newest solution is the Creamware Minimax : a virtual digital emulation boxed in a dedicated controller...
And last but least all the virtual and inspirationless instruments (Gmedia Minimonsta, Arturia MinimoogV).

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