Minod Vorga : Little analogue synth

Minod is a Sweden based company who is proposing the Vorga, a small analogue synth with :

one DCO with analog waveshaper,
one VCF Band Pass 12dB or Low Pass 24dB,
one LFO,
one ADSR,
a small 8 steps sequencer, Accent, Glide,
an assignable X-Y joystick for live inspiration,
and Midi in&out

The MINOD® VORGA filter is supposed to be the backbone of its original sound. It has two modes set by a switch: 24dB Low pass (4-pole) or 12dB Band pass (2x2-pole) with variable width, where both ends are 2-pole or 12dB/oct. The cutoff frequency and bandwidth can be varied independently. What makes the filter unique is the two resonance peaks, one on each side of the band pass filter. This creates timbres not available on traditional analog synths. The drive control helps too.
The filter has six parameters: cutoff, offset, resonance (dubbed Q in the schematic), drive, velocity, and envelope. The first controls the center frequency of the filter. The second controls the bandwidth. resonance sets the resonant response on both peaks. The drive controls the power driven into the filter and can give distortion effects. Velocity controls the MIDI velocity influence on the cutoff. Finally, envelope controls the amount of envelope influence on the cutoff frequencies.

The built in sequencer works like an analog sequencer.
The sequence can be transposed by an external MIDI keyboard, the internal keys or using the joystick.

The VORGA can store sixteen sound patches and sixteen sequence patterns. It also supports SYSEX messages to upload or download patches and sequences. The VORGA has nine knobs and four switches.All controls sends MIDI messages, so the MINOD® VORGA can be used as a MIDI controller as well.
The firmware can also be upgraded via MIDI as bug fixes and new features comes along.

Dimensions are 26x14x8 cm (w/d/h).

Pricing : 640€ plus shipping. DC adaptor not included.

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