TC Electronic releases seven vintage stompboxes

The Danish company TC Electronic returns to its roots.

TC Electronic started making stompboxes in 1976, the most famous was the TC Phasing, and the most rare was the Phasing stompbox for bass guitar. I have bought a TC Phasing stompbox 10 years ago, and it's a very impresssive analog phasing unit with a lot of control : you can go from subtile to weird phasing effects...but always in a warm and soulfull analog way.

One of the most interessing feature is the "program jack" : you plug a jack (IF a simple resistor) in a dedicated input and you get another tuning.

As i wanted to make some other "program jacks" and control the unit via CV/gate, I emailed TC for an user and a service manual two years ago and they sand me two of them the next day !!! Really nice support for a discontinued unit since twenty years !!!

I will post some photos of my unit and some samples as soon I come back to Home.

Unfortunaly the new stompboxes seem to wear an other design than the old one, I hope the circuitry will be very "vintage".
I think that the most interesting one will be the Vintage Delay, featuring Tap Tempo, MIDI control, Direct Out, and both Filter and Triplet switches.

Vintage Delay will list at EUR 399 and GBP 269 retail ex. VAT.

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