Artist of the month: Daniel Bell aka DBX

Dan Bell (aka: Dan Bell, DB-X, DBX, Drum-Adi-X, KB Project, Cybersonik, Spawn, Tiny Robot) is one of the most reknowned of Detroit Techno producers, from his beginnings as a critical member of Richie Hawtin's Plus 8 Records to his recording of the all-time 1994 classic "Losing Control" (as DBX), to the foundation of his own Seventh City and Accelerate labels. Born in Sacramento, he grew up near Detroit and was influenced by the sound of techno on Motor City radio during the 1980's. Bell began DJing, bought recording equipment, and entered the production world with a job at a recording studio while attending Niagara College near Toronto. Though the work was mostly for hip-hop groups, Bell often worked overtime and produced his own tracks.
Moving back to Detroit in 1991, Dan met with Richie Hawtin and soon joined up with his new Plus 8 label producing several of the imprint's famed early singles ("Technarchy," "Cabaret Seven"), recording with Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva as Cybersonik. His back-to-basics approach to hard minimalistic techno fit in well with Hawtin's aesthetic. After leaving Plus 8 to form his own Accelerate Records in 1992, Bell began recording as DBX. Singles like "Blip", "Flying Saucer", and "Electric Shock" became hot with DJs from Chicago as well as Detroit. In 1994, Peacefrog released two DBX EPs ("Alien", "Losing Control"). Though "Losing Control" became one of the biggest underground smashes of the decade, Bell's move into the distribution game (by rejuvenating Seventh City as a record distributor) took away valuable production time. Even while the venture soon became one of the main worldwide distributors for Detroit techno, it grew so successful that Bell was forced to put his recording career on hold. He was back on wax by 1996, recording for Klang Electronik as well as Accelerate. Unfortunately, Seventh City distribution folded and in 1998 Bell returned his concentration to production with the single "Subterranean/The Wild Life/Beserk."
In 2000, he relocated to Berlin, Germany, and released his first mix CD, The Button-Down Mind of Daniel Bell, on Tresor Records. He since has produce a series of remixes for a diverse range of artists, includng John Tejada, Pantytec, Akufen and John Thomas.

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