ELP Laser Turntable: Plays Vinyl Records...

ELP Laser Turntable: Plays Vinyl Records without a Needle
Imagine playing your records with the sound quality of the original recordingsound, but with all the features of a modern CD player. After $20 Million of development costs, the LT-2XRC Laser Turntable plays LPs, singles and 78s to audiophile quality with remote control and CD features such as track selection, pause fast forward and rewind. With no physical contact with the record, the Laser turntable offers zero record wear, no rumble or background noise of any kind, no cartridge induced resonances or frequency response anomalies, perfect channel separation, zero tracking errors, no inner groove distortion and no skating or jumping. User adjustable laser-reading height allows the laser to read the grooves of old records, at a height where the stylus has caused least wear. By scanning below the surface, scratches are inaudible and even broken records can be played, if you need to transcribe those old 78s! Remarkably despite using laser technology, the Laser Turntable retains the purity of being an analogue device and outputs a MM level Phono signal, with a frequency response of 10 Hz- 25 kHz.

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