Hawtin Wants Multi-Touch Screen

Techno don Richie Hawtin reveals what he thinks is the future of digital DJing . He has made known that he’s currently looking into touch-screen interface technology so that he can control software program Ableton Live more efficiently.

Touch-screen technology may be the perfect interface for digital DJing

“The biggest problem we are all faced with as artists is finding interesting and creative ways to interface with all the technology and software that’s presented to us,” says Hawtin.

In particular, he has been talking to Parisian company Jazz Mutant regarding their new multi-touch Lemur product.

Self-confessed tech head Richie said:

“I’m looking at having it talk to Ableton so I can have further control,”

“Touch-screen has always been mono-touch, where you can only touch one place on a screen at any one time, but with the Lemur you can multi-touch so you can map a number of different parameters."

“The thing that holds us back these days is not ideas or inspiration."

“The software is there also, and the hardware."

“We just need ways of connecting things together more efficiently.”

[via DJ mag.]

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