Artist of the month: Jeff Mills

Born in Detroit 1963, Jeff Mills is considered as one of the most brilliant DJs/producers in Techno music, and one of the most significant and characteristically profound figures of the Detroit scene. He started as a DJ at the Detroit radio station WJLB in 1987 (The Wizard).
In 1990, he formed the legendary Underground Resistance with Mike Banks aka Mad Mike, and left the group in 1992 to establish his own Axis label in Chicago. In 1996 he founded a new label Purpose Maker and his last concept label Tomorrow. Jeff Mills is a very prolific producer (aka: H-Bomb, Millsart, Servo Unique, True Faith, X-103, Final Cut; in group: H&M, Members Of The House, Subzero) and he is a real turnatblist too (dvd:"Exhibitionist").

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