MIDEM 2006 - The World's Music Market
21-26 Janary 2006
Palais des Festivals - Cannes (France)

MIDEM attracts independent and major record companies, music publishers, online & traditional distributors, live music professionals, A&R executives, agents, producers, promoters, import/exporters, manufacturers, service companies, retailers, attorneys and rights organisations. You’ll find just about every single music genre represented at the market, with specialised sections for Classical, Jazz, Electronic and Urban.
This quality of participants makes it a magnet for music buyers from other fields and industries, including technology, advertising, video game companies and film and TV producers. MIDEM also attracts the world’s radio, print, online and TV media.
Click here to consult the full list of companies present at MIDEM 2005.
Click here to download the MIDEM 2006 brochure in PDF format.

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