Artist of the month: Fabrice Lig.

Fabrice Lig is considered by his peers & techno fans around the globe as a world class producer. He is well known for his particularly funky use of Roland’s sh101 analog synth, and for his particularly emotional and personal melodies and harmonies.There is no doubt that after more than 10 years of teaching himself production processes, complex midi programming and harmonies, Fabrice’s sound is unique and recognisable among the thousands of weekly techno releases.
Demonstrations of these skills appear on the crème de la crème of techno labels such as KMS (Kevin Saunderson) & 7th City Records (Dan Bell) from Detroit, F-Communications (Laurent Garnier) from Paris, Raygun Records from Hamburg, Playhouse Records from Offenbach and most recently on the finest Berlin-based label, Kanzleramt (Heiko Laux).

And more releases on differents labels like :
Starbaby Records ( California, U.S.A )
Residual Recordings ( Colombus, U.S.A. )
Playhouse rec (Germany)
Native Records ( London, U.K. )
Serotonin Records ( N.Y., U.S.A. )
Deep4life Records ( Chicago, U.S.A. )
Elypsia Records ( Belgium )
Groundzero / Keynote records (Netherlands)
Serie Records ( Belgium )

U can find a Fabrice Lig interview at 313 TM (thanx Mr.Pike!!!)

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Blogger 313 TECHNO MUSIC said...

Hi Guys ! Here Dimitri from 313 TM, thanks to have put a link to the blog. Highly appreciated.

Between your blog is very good, will be presented in the next 'Techno Blogging' for sure.

Just if some peoples want to read a Fabrice recent interview, there is one at 313 tm :

12:24 AM  
Anonymous diamond & darkfunk L said...

yes very good blog ;)

9:06 PM  
Blogger David Smyle said...

Thanx to Diamond & Darkfunk I and a special welcom to you, Dimitri, because I really like your great blog 313TM,which is surely one of the best blogs about the actulity of the electronic music of Detroit.And I usually go there to take some very interesting informations...
P.S:Now, there is a link for the interview. ;-)

10:17 PM  
Anonymous DMH said...

More great tracks are showcased in DMH Discovery Show, check it out to see more.

12:25 PM  

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