Monegros Desert Festival
JULY 16, 2005

The Monegros Desert Festival 2005, another big outdoor summer techno event started 12 years ago by Spanish club Florida135 , will take place next month on Saturday July 16th.

The Monegros Desert Festival is not just one of the biggest music events held in Spain, it also has enormous reach right across Europe. This success is built on two traits that make it unique - the setting in which it is held (the incomparable desert venue) and the enormous production effort involved in creating the ephemeral site on which the festival takes place (tents, stages, sound and lighting, audiovisual displays, bars and other services, etc.). All of this is combined with a line-up of music, the heart of festival, that has been put together with the utmost attention to detail and by applying a clearly defined yet open philosophy aimed at producing a festival that is unique for both those attending and all of those involved in organising it.The Monegros Desert Festival is held on a privately-owned site, a dry-farmed estate covering more than 350 hectares, of which even now the event only occupies a tiny part. The site belongs to the Arnau family, the festival's promoters, and offers an infinite range of possibilities as regards production of the event as there are no restrictions on space, the only bounds are those imposed by the imagination of the producers.
Consisting of 9 separate areas including 5 tents, 3 open-air stages and a club built especially for the night, the organisers will once again transform the normally arid and empty Monegros terrain into something not unlike a small city.
Cypress Hill , Thievery Corporation , Jeff Mills , Dave Clarke , Richie Hawtin , Sven Väth , François K , Misstress Barbara , DJ Rush , Ben Sims , Felix da Housecat , Lil’ Louis , Ron Trent , Umek vs. Nastic , Pascal F.E.O.S. , Christian Smith , Oscar Mulero , Carlos Durán aka Cristian Varela , Ángel Molina , Marco Carola , David Holmes , Howie B , Chicks on Speed , Fixmer/McCarthy , DJ Behrouz , Jota Mayúscula presenta: Mala Rodríguez + Kultama + Sicario y Capaz (Hablando en Plata) , Pshyco Realm , B.O.S.S. feat Joey Starr (NTM) , Sólo Los Solo , Beans , DJ Vadim presents Oneself , Tote King & Shotta , Falsalarma , R de Rumba , Vitalic , Alter Ego , Zombie Nation , Der Dritte Raum , Superdiscount , Chus & Ceballos , Alexander Kowalski , Phuture 303 , Octave One , Aux 88 , James Holden , Plaid , Photek , Windsor For The Derby , Captain Comatose , Sideral , Buckmaster & President Bongo (Gus Gus DJs) , Al Ferox , Matthew Dear , Heiko Laux , Donnacha Costello , Luciano , Mathew Jonson , Cobblestone Jazz , Aril Brikha , Pet Duo , Nathan Fake , Chris Fortier , Thomas Fehlmann , Mark Williams , Paco Osuna , Undo & Vicknoise , Robert Lamart , Reeko , FC Kahuna , Alex Smoke , Chop Suey , Nobody , Allen from Plug Research , The Penelopes , JLF , Jo Jo de Freq , Gucci Soundsystem , Upstart , Jaumëtic , Agua DJ , DJ Calambre , Miguel Mendoza , Omar León , DJ Ino , Olmos , Luis Lles , Carlos Casas (Colors) , Carlos Palacio , Mikel Teba , Carlos Hollers , Techno Riff , Ludotech , D’Wachman , DJ Rur , DJ Mic , Borja Malet , Gersound , Huete , Voodoobeach , Josep Ramos , M. Ross , DJ Visa , Javier Blánquez
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