Blue Potential
UWe and the Site of the Bridge of Gard presents BLUE POTENTIAL,
Saturday July 2, 2005 - 9.00pm (free Concert)
0n the Site of the Bridge of Gard - France
Opening: "Water Concert", a creation of Rene Koering
The meeting of a prestigious contemporary artist with one of the monuments emblématiques of Roman civilization.
The Site of the Bridge of Gard will accomodate, Saturday July 2, 2005, creation "Blue Potential" joining together Jeff Mills and the National Orchestra of Montpellier for a symphonic reading of the electronic repertory of the large Master of Strait. Fifteen years of music through full and mélodieux titles (the superb ones "Imagines" and "The March"), of the techno deep and classieuse ("Player Gamma"), of the pieces drawn from its original bands ("Fan-in to Metropolis", "Keaton' S Theme"), of the avant-gardists compositions ("Medium C" or obsessing "Man From Tomorrow"), without forgetting of course anthems dancefloor ("The Bells", and unforgettable "the Amazon" and "Sonic Destroyer", resulting from the time Underground Resistance).
With the initiative of UWe, several thousands of people are awaited for a free concert, first live of Jeff Mills since 1992, on an exceptional site for the 20th anniversary of the classification of the Bridge of Gard to the world Inheritance of Humanity by UNESCO.
Filmed concert - DVD to be appeared in November 2005 at UWe.

"How we view ourselves can often determine the prespective and degree in which we see others and the world around us. Each and every one of us has a view. Such a view, that it can shape the future of others and how they live, dream and look towards the future that we all hope is better and more fruitful than our past. This I believe is a common initiative.
With the efforts of Unesco and their relentless drive to preserve humanities greatest landmarks, they guide our minds and hands towards the common realization that compassion and focus has justified rewards. I'm very proud and honored to take part in the presentation of The Blue Potential.
" Jeff Mills
Conductor: Mr. Alain Altinoglu
Re-writter: Mr. Thomas Roussel


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